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  • Open Day 2004 2

Community Charter

Rochelle School was established by the present owner James Moores in the late 1990s to provide workspace for Creative Industries. It is located on Arnold Circus in London’s East End, occupying a key position at the heart of the Boundary Estate Conservation Area. We are committed to assisting in raising the profile and restoring the confidence of an area that was once a model of social development for the whole of London.

Although Rochelle is run as a business we try at all times to consider the implications of our actions for the communities alongside whom we exist and strive to act responsibly towards both our community of tenants and neighbours.

As an integral part of the Boundary Estate we try to align ourselves with our neighbours concerns, working in a number of ways to support and encourage community participation and engagement in the neighbourhood, and encourage our tenants to do the same.

We have a genuine and long-term commitment to the welfare of the neighbourhood, which we believe is demonstrated both in what we do and how we do it.