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Our Tenants

Creative Community

Rochelle School is home to a tight-knit community of friends and businesses. Architects, designers, producers, publishers, graphic designers, architects, media fashion brands and artists. This is what they say about Rochelle.

People are charmed by how friendly Rochelle is, that you can ring a doorbell and walk into something as lovely as this and feel very welcome.

Margot Henderson, Owner, Rochelle Canteen

The idea of community can be terribly important, the sense that you are part of a bigger whole, of being connected and of belonging. The fact that you have a relationship with people every day from coming to a building, sharing facilities, being part of a bigger picture is always more interesting.

Laurence Quinn, Architect, Quinn Architects

You almost feel like you are in a village. I think it’s rare that people congregate and take an interest in each other because you can get lost and be anonymous in the city. But when you manage to create a community, it gives you a greater kind of spirit.

Anna Tobias, Head Chef, Rochelle Canteen

If you work somewhere that makes you happy, just the vibe of the building and the people, you’ll be more creative.

Marc Hare, Designer, Mr. Hare

I think everybody wants to be part of a community, to belong. This is what Rochelle School is about. It’s about people being connected and understanding where they fit in.

Martin Cohen, Event Producer, 6UP